Public Land Bezoar Ibex (Persian Ibex) Hunts

ibex-iconNew Mexico is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can hunt free ranging pure blood Persian ibex. They are not domestic goat cross-breeds and they are not inside high fences.

Ibex Hunts

Hunt Dates

Choose any 5 days

Rifle: November 15-29, 2018
Youth Hunt: Dec. 27, 2018 to Jan. 10, 2019
Archery: Oct. 1-15, 2018, Jan. 15-29, 2019
Muzzleloader: December 6-20, 2018

Hunt Prices

$5,500.00 plus 8% tax for any five days (additional days may be booked)

The staff of Kiowa Hunting Service has 34 years and over 2,000 man-days of experience hunting the ibex. The Kiowa team has four times as many ibex entries in the SCI record book as all the other currently active outfitters combined. The book shows we consistently take larger billies than our competition during the bow hunts.

If you are a non-resident adult and are a competent bow hunter, please consider this:
Based on the very low 2017 draw odds for either the modern rifle or muzzleloader trophy ibex hunts, you are at least 35 times as likely to draw the October bow tag or 14 times as likely to draw the January bow tag if you include one or both of the archery hunts as a second and/or third choice when you apply with the Kiowa Outfitter Number. Then using Kiowa’s high archery success rates during the two most recently completed license years, you could kill at least 5 billies with your bow before you even get drawn for a firearms license. (only the rifle ibex hunt is a once in a lifetime draw)

Our high success on the hunts is due to stratigies we have developed from decades of analysis of ibex behavior and specifically their different behaviors during each type of hunt along with differences due to weather changes. As of December 2017 the SCI record book credits our management and guide staff with bow kills numbered 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 14, 15 and 16. We took number 14 in 2014, number 5 in 2015 and number 3 in 2017. Only numbers 12 and 19 are credited to other outfitters. Across all record book weapon catagories we have exactly 80% of the New Mexico ibex entries that are credited to currently operating outfitting companies. That is why people choose to hunt with Kiowa.

The ibex inhabit public land on the scenic Florida Mountains from just above 7000 feet down to the desert shrub at the base. The herd is currently slightly over populated at about 800 animals, with a sustainable portion of mature billies. In fact, the SCI records show that the highest scoring rifle killed and bow killed billies worldwide came from New Mexico. A mounted billy is a stand out in anyone’s trophy room. Our success is well above 90% with rifle and muzzle loader. Since our first bow ibex kill in 1988 our archery success is right at 22% which is more than four times as high as the average success for bow ibex hunters.

Hunts occur from October through January with a youth hunt during the school Christmas break. Licenses are issued by drawing. On average a non-resident is about 2 ½ times more likely to draw if he uses our outfitter number on his application. Not surprisingly, the bow tags are the easiest to draw. Most of our bow kills are at ranges under 70 yards and usually in the 35 to 40 yard range. You must come prepared to shoot out to 60 and 70 yards for your best chance for a successful hunt. The two billies pictured on this page are from our recent hunts.

  • Cost of hunt includes: Use of our outfitter number on your application, hot breakfasts and evening meals in comfortable surroundings plus snacks & drinks to carry, courtesy transportation during the hunt, the most experienced ibex guides & spotters in New Mexico, assistance with retrieval of your animal, and caping for trophy preparation.
  • The hunter is responsible for: Applying for the license with our help, lodging, a daypack, hunting gear and transportation to and from the hunt near Deming, NM.

Ibex Trophy Gallery

Please enjoy these images from our past Ibex customers. Click an image to open the gallery.

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