Mule Deer

Kiowa Hunting Service offers mule deer hunts during Rut and Pre-Rut, Sandhills Unit 33, and Old Mexico.

Rut & Pre-Rut Mule Deer Hunts

Rut & Pre-Rut Mule Deer

Pre-Rut Hunt Dates

Any five (5) days from September 30 to December 15, 2018

Pre-Rut Hunt Prices

2×1: $4,500 plus 8% tax
1×1: $5,250 plus 8% tax

Rut Hunt Dates

Any five (5) days from December 16, 2018 to January 30, 2019

Rut Hunt Prices

1×1: $6,000 plus 8% tax

This hunt is located out of Vaughn, New Mexico on the Vicente Ranch. This ranch is 78,000 acres in size and has a mixture of antelope and deer habitat. The elevation on the ranch is approximately 6,000 feet. The area is a mixture of Pinon/Juniper, Ponderosa Pine, and high desert grasslands. We have hunted and managed this ranch since 1991 and we have consistently had an excellent success rate on mature mule deer on this ranch. The ranch has continually produced deer into the 180 and 190 class, with the possibility of that type of deer being there for your hunt.
Kiowa Hunting Service has enrolled the Vicente Ranch in the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s Deer Enhancement Program. Because of this program, Kiowa has received a special set of permits that can be used outside of the normal deer hunting season dates set by the state. We receive one set of permits that we can use from September 30 to December 15, 2018, and another set that can be used from December 16, 2018 to January 31, 2019. With the peak of the mule deer rut normally occurring in mid to late December, we are able to offer a very rare opportunity to our hunters. These hunts are going to be exceptional, occurring during the mule deer rut, where we can utilize rifles, with across the counter licenses. These hunts are five days in length and limited in the number of hunters for each hunt. Our Pre-Rut hunts will have a maximum of seven (7) hunters on the ranch. Our Rut Hunts will have a maximum of two (2) hunters on the ranch.

  • The cost of the hunt includes: meals, courtesy transportation during the hunt, guide, and caping for trophy preparation of the animal.
  • The hunter is responsible for: their license, personal gear, weapon, motel costs and transportation to and from the camp.

Sandhills – Unit 33

These rifle hunts take place on public land in the Mescalero Sands east of Roswell, NM. This unit is well known in New Mexico for having large trophy bucks and is identified by the NMDGF as a quality unit. The guides have taken several bucks that scored over 200 B&C. Even though the population is not large, the area lends itself to producing large bucks due to the sandhill topography and limited access. Spot and stalk is the key, with a lot of time behind the binoculars and spotting scope.

Sandhills Mule Deer – Unit 33

Hunt Dates

November 3-7, 2018
November 17-21, 2018

Hunt Prices

2×1: $3,500 plus 8% tax
1×1: $4,000 plus 8% tax


$375.00 – plus the Habitat Management and Access Stamps

Application Deadline: March 21, 2018
  • The cost of the hunt includes: meals during the hunt, courtesy transportation during the hunt, guide, caping of the animal for trophy preparation.
  • The hunter is responsible for: their license and stamps, personal gear, weapon, motel costs, extra meals, and transportation to Roswell, New Mexico.

Old Mexico Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

Old Mexico Mule Deer

Season Dates

November 15, 2018 to February 2, 2019

Hunt Prices

1×1: $10,000

50% up front to book your hunt and the other 50% 30 days before arrival


These hunts are for the giants of the desert that come from Sonora, Mexico. They occur between Guaymas and Hermosillo in Sonora, Mexico. Hunts are six days in length and are conducted by walking, vehicle, spot and stalk, and by hunting water holes. The hunts are highly successful. These mule deer are what the average American mule deer hunter can only dream of.
Everything is included in this package from the time you arrive in Mexico until you depart. You are responsible for arriving in Hermosillo, Mexico, personal gear and weapon, and gratuities.
This hunt can also be modified to allow for two mule deer or a mule deer and a Coues Whitetail. It can also be combined with a vacation for your significant other, lounging on the beaches of San Carlos and enjoy the resort town. It was voted the Best Ocean View in the World out of 500, and is # 1 of the Top 10 list by National Geographic.
Mexico is a safe destination in the interior. Do not be wary about visiting. In the years that we have been doing these hunts we have never had anything remotely close to any incident. This is the hunt and vacation that you really will want to come back to each year.

Mule Deer Trophy Gallery

Here you’ll find images from our past customers and their trophies, as well as some images of animals you may see on your hunt. Click an image to open the gallery.

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