Outfitter Number Public Land Draw Contract

Thank you for your interest in Kiowa Hunting Services. To legally obtain our number to use on your Public Land Draw Application, read and execute this contract. After you click on “Submit” a copy of the Contract , which will now Include Our Outfitter Number, will be sent to the email you provided. You may now use the Outfitter number for your Public Land Draw Applications in compliance with the signed Contract. Please see the current year’s Brochure and web site for full hunt descriptions and pricing for all Guided and Self Guided/ Do It Yourself Hunts.

The Contract

THIS CONTRACT made by and between Kiowa Hunting Service, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation, hereinafter sometimes called “Service” and the customer, hereinafter referred to as “Guest”. This contract will be valid for a period of 3 years. The use of the outfitter number, by the Guest, will constitute an agreement between parties from now on and valid only when the guest utilizes the outfitter number. Utilization of this number without a current signed Contract is a violation of New Mexico State Statutes.

WITNESS that in consideration of their mutual covenants and agreements it is hereby mutually agreed as follows:

  1. The Guest will utilize Kiowa Hunting Service, Inc.’s Outfitter number on their application for any public land hunting license, this includes but is not limited to any species that an application must be submitted for, to obtain a license.
  2. Kiowa Hunting Service, Inc. agrees to sell to Guest and Guest agrees to purchase from Kiowa Hunting
    Service, Inc., a hunt based on the drawing of a New Mexico hunting license.
  3. The price for the above indicated hunting trip will be the total sum as indicated in the brochures and flyers of Kiowa Hunting Service for the current application year, or a prior agreed upon price.

Upon drawing a hunting license, Kiowa hunting Service and the Guest will enter into a full contract based on the desires of the guest, as to which type of hunt is selected. The Guest agrees to pay HALF of the total sum of the hunting trip within 15 days of drawing, or when the full contract is sent to the guest. The other half is to be paid in full by cash, cashier’s check, money order or certified funds upon the Guest’s arrival at the campsite of Kiowa Hunting Service. The Guest acknowledges that if he/she cancels the hunt refunds will be based on contract guidelines and the time of the cancellation, and their license becomes legally invalid. The Guest also acknowledges and understands that under New Mexico law, that after utilizing Kiowa Hunting Service Outfitter’s number, his/her license is not valid without being guided, self-guided, or in contact with Kiowa Hunting Service and the utilization of the license is a violation of New Mexico law, and any animal harvested is illegal.


By applying for or obtaining and utilizing a Kiowa Hunting Service Public land Agreement and Outfitter number, to enter into the New Mexico Big Game Draw and the Outfitter pool for said draw, you acknowledge that you are subject to all New Mexico Department of Game and Fish laws, as set forth in Chapter 17 NMSA 1978 (New Mexico Statutes Annotated), Title 19 NMAC (New Mexico Administrative Code), and the New Mexico Game and Fish Rules and Information booklets, available online at www.wildlife.state.nm.us. You certify that the information provided is true and correct and that you are eligible to apply for, or purchase a license.

By signing this document electronically (by clicking the Submit button), you consent to enter into contractual relations with Kiowa Hunting Service, Inc. as authorized by the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, which has been adopted and ratified by the State of New Mexico in N.M.S.A. Sections 14-16-1 et seq.

Agreement Form

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