These are past Kiowa Hunting Service customers. Feel free to contact them regarding their experience with us.

John Swan
Phoenix, AZ
Private Land Elk,
Antelope, Oryx
Keith Salmon
Middleville, MI
Public & Colorado Elk
Larry Hunt
Placerville, CA
Ibex, Elk,
Mule Deer
Dale Gaugler
Grantsville, MD
Ibex Bow
Ronald Ford
Flint, TX
Colorado Elk
Darryl Wall
San Antonio, TX
Public Land Elk
Jim Tutt
Longview, TX
Public Land Elk
Bob Frazier
Moultonborough, NH
Public Land Elk
Rodry Davis
Grandprairie, TX
Public Land Elk
Steve Crowe
Waxahachie, TX
Public Elk Archery
Dale Vaughn
Ovilla, TX
Public Elk Archery
David Hart
Elkhart, TX
Public Elk Rifle
Tommy Youngblood
Birmingham, AL
Public Land Elk Rifle
Brian Van Ryn
Schererville, IN
Public Elk Rifle
Andrew Sullivan
San Francisco, CA
Cow Elk, Antelope
Darrin Care
Sarasota, FL
Aoudad, Antelope
John Finch
Canton, MI
Robert Johnston
Ramah, NM
Bow Ibex
Michael Cudlip
Victor, NY
Oryx & Cow Elk
Tom Huff
Chelmsfor, MA
Public Land Elk


The following comments were unsolicited by our satisfied customers.

“I had a great guide, Kiowa provided everything promise, and I had opportunities”

Robert Baker – Indiana, Public land elk rifle

“the hunt was fantastic. We had a great time and were very happy with the success”

Ben Gonsalves – California, Oryx/Gemsbok

“Beautiful country, the guides were great and I had a great time. Must do it again.”

Jimmy Clark – Texas, Antelope

“Thank you for the incredible experience we had while hunting with you and your team. Everybody was awesome and made this a great vacation and hunt, morever I am double grateful for the way everybody treated my wife.”

Dr. Juan Dipp – Mexico

“I want to say ‘Thank you’ to you and your staff or a well – organized and successful elk hunt. The hunting camp fully met our expectations. Our hunt exceeded our expectations.”

Jim Nelson – Minnesota, Public land elk

“This is just a quick note to express my appreciation for a great hunt. On the way home we agreed it was the single best guide experience either of us has ever had.”

Michael Rupp – Arizona, Public Antelope

“just wanted to drop a note to let you and the entire Kiowa team how much I enjoyed my recent elk hunting experience. 1st Class is the only way to describe personnel, horses, food, accommodations, equipment, etc.”

John Simmons – Arkansas, Public Land Elk

“I was pretty impressed that we were seeing elk everyday (I have been on other hunts and that was not the case). I wanted to give your guides out there a definite good job.”

Neil Thomas – New York, Public land bow elk

“We would highly recommend Kiowa and these men in this camp (GMU 51).”

Jim Tutt – Texas, Public land elk

“I will return with my 11 year old son, as this is the kind of experience and gentlemen I would like him to learn and experience.”

Mark Yawn – Louisiana, Public land bow elk