Elk – Self-guided or DIY Hunts

Public Land Rifle, Bow, and Muzzleloader Hunts

elk-iconThese hunts are only offered in Game Management Units 10, 51, and 52. While unit 10 offers self guided hunts only during the bow season, all weapon types (rifle, muzzleloader, and bow) can be used in units 51 and 52. These hunts are designed for those hunters who are looking for a quality hunt, feel confident about hunting elk on their own, do not need a guide to accompany them in the field, and do not want the hassle of having to bring and set up a camp.


Hunt Dates

Unit 51, Unit 52, & Unit 10 Archery Hunts

7 Day Hunts

September 7-13, 2017

September 18-24, 2017

9 Day Hunts

September 6-14, 2017

September 16-24, 2017

Unit 51 Rifle & Muzzleloader Hunts

Rifle: October 7-11, 2017

Rifle: October 14-18, 2017

Rifle: October 21-25, 2017

Muzzleloader: December 2-6, 2017

Unit 52 Rifle & Muzzleloader hunts

Muzzleloader: October 7-11, 2017

Rifle: October 14-18, 2017

Rifle: October 21-25, 2017

Hunt Prices

Rifle/Muzzleloader Elk Only for 5 day hunts

1 hunter: $2,000 + 8% tax

2-3 hunters: $1,800 + 8% tax

4+ hunters: $1,600 + 8% tax

Archery Elk Only for 7 or 9 days hunts

1 hunter: $2,000 or $2,600 plus 8% tax

2-3 hunters: $1,800 or $2,300 plus 8% tax

4+ hunters: $1,600 or $2,100 plus 8% tax

Archery Elk and Mule Deer Combination for 7 or 9 day hunts

1 hunter: $2,200 or $2,800 plus 8% tax

2-3 hunters: $2,000 or $2,500 plus 8% tax

4+ hunters: $1,800 or $2,300 plus 8% tax

Application Deadline: March 22, 2017

The units that we hunt can be described as follows:

Unit 51 and Unit 52 are located in North Central New Mexico. Unit 52 is approximately 300,000 acres in size and Unit 51 is approximately 380,000 acres. Both of these units are in a roadless/wilderness area that prohibits off road vehicles and off road traffic of any type. The areas have numerous open roads within the unit, often two to three miles apart, which allows the hunter access to areas to hunt by foot. These units have an excellent elk population and the number of hunters is controlled, as opposed to Colorado’s public land units. The odds of drawing a license are excellent with the outfitter number. These units offer the hunter easy access, an excellent elk population, and limited hunting pressure. This is a public draw unit and it usually offers a very high opportunity to draw a license with the use of the outfitter number.

Unit 10 – Cibola National Forest is located south of Grants, New Mexico and is on the north end of the Gila range. I consider this unit a sleeper unit. It has a smaller, but good population of elk than other units, but it has the potential to produce for you with a bull of a lifetime. Due to the makeup of the unit, with Native American reservations, National monuments and private land holdings these areas provide a bull the opportunity to gain age and consequently size. We have taken bulls off of this unit that are greater than 300 B&C and rarely one better than 350 B&C.


Q: Can I have a camp for only my group?
A: We do not do this because we furnish a cook, all of the food, someone to assist you and to point you in the right direction and people to retrieve your elk. It is cost prohibitive to do this per group.
Q: I want to be packed into an area and checked on.
A: We do not do this because if you or I select the wrong area and there are no elk, your hunt will not be successful. Also, by doing this you have limited yourself to hunt in an area that you can walk to. Your odds of success are less with this manner instead of being mobile.
Q: How many people are going to be in camp?
A: I do not know. These are draw hunts and it depends on the draw and how many people draw. The size of camps differ by area chosen, weapon types, and seasons.
Q: Tell me about your camp.
A: We set up one camp per unit. All hunters that are guided or self-guided are in that camp. You drive out of camp each time, to different pre-scouted locations and you hunt on your own. We utilize the whole unit and by being mobile we increase your success by getting you to where the elk are.
Q: What does Kiowa furnish?
A: We provide you the outfitter number to increase your odds of drawing a license. We provide the main camp, tent, cots, pads, lights, and heat. We provide the cook, the meals, the snacks, a person knowledgeable of the area to send you to where we feel you will find elk, and we assist and retrieve your game after you harvest the animal.
Q: What does the hunter provide?
A: The hunter applies for the license, with our help, personal gear, bedroll, weapon, transportation to and from camp and during the hunt. You basically spend your time hunting… not cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning up camp.