Elk – Partially Guided with No Accommodations

This hunt will allow you to apply for an elk or deer hunt using the Outfitter Number to increase your odds of drawing a license.  You may apply in any unit that you would like in the state and we will provide you with the outfitter number for the draw and a guide for two days of your hunt. The ratio of guide to hunters will be one guide per the number of hunters on your application. The guiding will occur for everyone, on your application, at the same time. There will be an additional charge if your party requests additional guides, at a smaller ratio of guides to hunters. At the time when we do the booking contract, we must list, by regulation, which two days of your hunt that you desire to be guided.  We furnish nothing for your hunt except the use of the Outfitter number to assist with drawing and a guide for two days.  This hunt is not allowed in wilderness areas and must be in an area where the guide can drive to your camp, without having to pack into a location, attempt to find you, and spend a day packing in and packing out.

Partially Guided
No Accommodations

Hunt Dates

Valid in any hunt, except wilderness areas

Hunt Prices

1 hunter, guided 2 days: $1,400 + 8% tax
2-4 hunters, guided 2 days: $1,200 each + 8% tax

Application Deadline: March 21, 2018