Kauffman – What’s New

it is now part of Kiowa Hunting Services.

Two of our four fully guided hunters on the October 2015 bow ibex hunt took home nice billies.

On January 28, 2016 New Mexico Game & Fish announced that there would be Herd Reduction Ibex hunts in February and March.  We guided five hunters in those seasons and all five qualified (got their ibex) on their first hunting day.  We wish the best of luck to them in the special either sex (Billy) drawing for the 2017 hunt.

This, our updated website, now has much more detail about applying for the different types of ibex licenses!  Due to our merger with Kiowa Hunting Services we no longer display elk and oryx hunt information on this site. We will still reply to inquiries about Elk & Oryx hunts. Frequently our staff members are available to guide hunters for Elk & Oryx as we did in past years. You can read about all the Kiowa hunts by viewing the Kiowa Brochure and/or go to the Kiowa site.

Drawing results will be available on April 27th.