Kauffman – Use Our Number

it is now part of Kiowa Hunting Services.

The Outfitter Number that was assigned to Kauffman Outfitters has been cancelled.  Any previous Kauffman applicant should now use the Kiowa Hunting Services outfitter number that is available on the Public License Agreement at the bottom of this page.

Some outfitters charge a fee for the use of their number whether or not you draw a license.  This page provides FREE access to use the Kiowa Hunting Outfitter’s number on your application.  If you intend to apply for hunts other than ibex hunts, please seek additional hunt information on the Kiowa Brochure page of this site and/or from the Kiowa website http://www.kiowahunting.com

New Mexico uses a “non-point” draw system. This means that you may put in for the public draws every year with an equal chance of drawing each year. The system includes an Outfitter Draw Pool which is entered by use of an outfitter’s registration number. Entering that draw gives the non-resident significantly better draw odds. To use an outfitter’s  number, a hunter MUST have a pre-signed agreement with an approved N M. Outfitter. The agreement requires that IF a hunter does draw, he will be using the Outfitter in some capacity immediately prior to or during the actual hunt. There is no cost for use of the Kiowa Hunting Services outfitter number unless you draw a license.  If you draw, you either buy guide service from Kiowa or do a “DIY” hunt and pay Kiowa $1,200 for use of the number.

To complete the agreement CLICK ON THE DOCUMENT IMAGE BELOW.

kiowa-hunting-service-public-license-agreementKiowa Hunting Service License Agreement

Please execute the agreement so that you can legally use the number.

The outfitter number is in ITEM ONE of the contract!  Remember, to get the advantage in the drawing you must say “YES” when the application process asks you if this is a guided hunt – even if you plan to hunt DIY.

The contract is in PDF form and can be filled out in your PDF viewer. You must have a digital signature to sign the form digitally, which can be created inside Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then, send the completed contract to info@kiowahunting.com. If a digital signature is not an option, print the form, fill it out and either scan it and email it to the above address or fax it to Kiowa Hunting Service at: 575-445-0116

We look forward to hearing from you.