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Here at Kiowa Hunting Service we take pride in the quality of the hunts we provide and part of that quality comes from those we bring on board to make a complete experience for our customers. We are always on the lookout for qualified individuals able to meet our demanding expectations. Review the positions below and complete the form to apply.

Camp Assistant

The camp assistant’s responsibilities are to do any and all things necessary to keep the camp clean, organized, well maintained and efficient. Camp assistant’s duties include, but not limited to, keep the facilities clean daily; this includes the toilet, shower facilities, horse corrals and other area that would need attentions. The assistant will keep the supply tents organized, clean, and perform maintenance, as directed, on any damaged or non-working equipment. The assistant will help to spot for elk, if other duties are done and complete and requested by the camp manager. The assistant will help the cook serve meals, clean tables and dishes, empty trash and any other items requested by the cook and approved by the camp manager. The assistant will also become proficient with handling horses and assist in packing out and retrieval of harvested animals as requested or assigned.


The Guide’s responsibility is to provide a safe and enjoyable hunt experience. The guide must be amiable and be able to communicate with and to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. Guide must have knowledge, skills and previous experience, of hunting the game they are hired to guide. Previous guide experience and referrals are requested and will be checked. Guide must be physically fit and be able to hike and hunt all day, every day, for a full hunt. Guide is required to take high quality, in the field, trophy photos of the client and their trophy, examples of past photos will be requested. Knowledge of horses is a bonus. Guide must be able to field dress, prepare, pack out, cape and properly take care of a client’s trophy. Guides must have their own 4wd vehicle in good working order and proper hunting gear for the species hunted. Guide must have a willingness to become familiar with the hunting area and be prepared to learn the areas prior to guiding hunters. When not guiding, Guides are also expected to assist, as needed, in all areas around the camp to always maintain a clean, safe, and well functioning environment.

Kiowa Hunting’s top priority is always Safety First  in all areas, as well as strictly adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and rules.  Non compliance and deliberate infractions by either staff or clients will not be tolerated.  Guides are a major liaison and representative of Kiowa Hunting.


The cook’s responsibility is to provide high quality meals to clients and staff in a clean and efficient dinning facility. It is the cook’s responsibility to prepare quality food for guests and staff in camps ranging from 5-30 people. Cook’s must be able to prepare food and have it ready based on a specific set schedule. Meals cannot be late, or delay the hunt in any way. The cook must be a self-motivator and be able to be flexible and capable of cooking in a fully furnished cabin or house environment or a back county tent camp, utilizing gas stoves/ ovens and coolers. The cook will be responsible for maintaining all paperwork requested, including but not limited to inventory sheets and meal plans. The cook will be responsible for creating a menu, offering a variety of meals over a five to eight day time frame, purchasing groceries, and maintaining inventory. Many of the remote camps cannot afford to become short on items or have left over perishable items. The cook must be experienced enough to purchase enough food to ensure there is plenty of food for everyone, while making sure there is not a lot of waste. Cook is in charge of making sure the cooking and dinning facilities are clean and organized at all times. A resume with a five to seven day menu will be requested at application time.


The object of the patrolman is to present on overt presence on private land holdings, to deter poaching and trespass. The patrolman must be level headed and not prone to violence but must also be able to protect himself from altercations. This is not an apprehension position, but one in which the patrolman stays level headed, communicates well with individuals and does not present an “attitude” toward individuals not intent on violating the law. The patrolman must be capable of operating audio recording devices, video recording devices, and mobile radios and be capable of maintaining the recordings for law enforcement personnel to prosecute individuals. The position is from before daylight until after dark. The patrolman must have an adequate four wheel drive vehicle and may be utilizing the vehicle on travel patrol or may be assigned to stationary patrol in an area for long periods of time to deter individuals. The patrolman must be able to stay alert and watchful during the patrol time frame. Assignments can be from five days to ten days in length.


All employment will be on a contract basis. All contract employees will sign an Independent Contractor form and will be issued an IRS 1099 form at the end of the year for all wages earned. These are not part time or full time positions with the company. All positions are strictly contract work. Camps are located all throughout New Mexico and southern Colorado. Applicants must be able to arrive in the assigned camp on the agreed upon date and time and provide the proper personal equipment to live in the camps they are assigned to. All persons must be able to stay for entire length of the hunts contracted for.

Please complete the form below and include your resume for consideration. We appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you regarding your qualifications and experience.

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